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Reasons to Join a Chapter

Why should you join a fraternity? If you asked every member of our community why they decided to join and the benefits they've gotten from their membership, the specifics of their answers would be different. However the general messages would be the same. 

First and foremost our members are students, and fraternities support that. The IFC requires a minimum 2.7 minimum high school GPA or 2.5 college GPA to join any fraternity, and chapters have their own grade requirements, often higher than the council's!

Students are given endless resources and support to help them succeed academically and most chapters have one or more officers dedicated to helping members keep their grades up.

Community Service and Philanthropy
Connecting to a new community can be challenging, but through community service and philanthropy our members are able to befriend one another and make a different in the world around them. Chapters are often finding new and fun ways to raise money for local and national philanthropies and engaging with the Texas State and San Marcos communities.

Social Interaction
It is true that many people find their friends in fraternities, and that is because they are surrounded by a group of people who help them to learn about themselves, challenge themselves, and most importantly believe in themselves. The brotherhoods developed in our organizations are the family we choose.

University Connection
Members of fraternities are leaders all over campus. Many organizations will require members to be involved in other places as well. This is to ensure that members have a memorable and enjoyable experience at Texas State and that the are developing in a well-rounded manner. Members of fraternities come back and visit often and are welcomed with open arms to their organizations. It is a thrill to see the legacy you leave behind thriving!

Professional Development
There is a large leadership development component of being in a fraternity. Our members attend regular workshops and conference that help them gain new skills to benefit them in whichever field they pursue after graduation. The leadership positions that fraternities offer help members to get experience that can be applied to any professional setting. 



If this sounds like something you would like to experience be sure to register for recruitment!